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I am lucky to have received a great upbringing in business, not an easy one in a male dominated pharmaceutical and medical world but times do change and hard work took me to board level.


Having started my own business and working with a range of companies puts me in good stead to work as a consultant to other businesses.


Work-wise this is my profile in a nutshell, and if you know me you would hopefully say ‘with the required and firm attitude and integrity’:


"An innovative, strategic and tactical sales and marketing expert with many years’ experience, looking to apply this and other unique skills to help improving other organisations, from start up to multi-national ."




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I have spearheaded a UK sales and marketing team to prove instrumental in becoming market leader in their field and establishing new concept technologies, unique brands and product ranges.


My roles, fulltime, contract or consultancy have mostly been Business Development or both Sales and Marketing as they tend to be so interlinked. This demonstrated how I am focussed on achieving sales results by researching and establishing the marketing path.


Working from a central location such as Leeds is, I cover national and European requirements.


I like a challenge!

Whether this is the development of new markets and new revenue stream development

Or improve sales development

Or diagnose and advise on business development

Or it may be to simply help out with the day to day tasks that detract you from pushing your business forward

Or you may want that push from me!


Design & Operations | Contact Me

With a background primarily in fashion & graphics, I always try and stay one step ahead. This is applied to all the work I do from marketing strategies to rebranding your business. 


I have worked with big highstreet retailers to small start up brands and individuals. Being very adaptable to a variety of business sectors.


I love simple beautifully executed ideas which have a strong identity and whilst on my creative journey with your business I will never forget to see the overall outlook.

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A good design can completely change the way people think about your company, in the same way bad design can. My aim is for people to understand the fundamentals of your business from a quick glance and to intrigue the consumer or client to look further.


"Good Design is Good Business".


I don't see branding as just a logo, I see it as redeveloping your business aims and making sure everyone in your company is reading from the same page.


Contact me for a chat to see how we could help you.

Graphic Design | Contact Me

My background is primarily in graphic design and digital marketing. I have always been committed to gaining new skills and experiences. This inspires me in all aspects of my work from marketing strategies to rebranding to website design to implementing a new marketing direction.
I have experience working with high net worth brands as well as setting up my own business. This has given me a wide range of skills with the desire to gain more.
A good looking website, and a nice looking logo isn’t just a logo and website, it’s your identity….so make it your own.

Let us at Gwenagen help you to make your identity stand proud of your competitors.

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Security Officer | Contact Me

I am Mollie, a Welsh Border Collie. I'm the part time office mascot and look after general security. I love sticks, food and long walks... and a big fan of chasing Rabbits. My friends say I'm always happy and inspirational.


Follow the facebook link if you want to find out more about me. 

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