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What Gwenagen do to supprt you 

and what we are not!



Services to fit your needs

and your budget



There is a beauty in being small with few bells and whistles, red tape and overheads.


We offer proven business skills and expertise combined with common sense, a rare commodity.


Our philosophy sees Sales and Marketing as One or at least working hand in hand and not the tail wagging the dog.


In addition you can have access to a range of skills you might need to support implementation such as tactical Marketing, Branding and Design.


With changes in your business environment you may need to change YOU.


Being in the thick of the organisations doesn’t always go hand in hand with having a clear or helicopter view.


That is what we can offer you: Clarity, issues to address (you may not like it), bring different elements in alignment with your big plan.


You will get a professional service. We are not the highflying London consultancy types; we’ve been there and now live in the real world!

Business Development

Consultancy by Gwen, ideally placed to offer consultancy skills to a one-man band business and equally to large organisations.

Business Development covers a multitude of sins but it is not rocket science and every organisation needs a clear plan for this or give Sales a boost, or realign energy and activities.

We keep it simple by getting to the essence of your service and sales process quickly, and can advise a clear diagnosis and prognosis.

Sales & Marketing

It is not a brand that makes your business, neither is it Sales (long term) neither is it Marketing or Social Media. We all know it is the people and their understanding of a clear focus and aiming for the same goals.

Do you understand and follow a sales and marketing pathway to you client’s door?

Does everybody in the organisation see this as clearly?

We can bring this back to basics, develop a plan and make sure it works, step by step. No giant leaps; we take small steps, know why and what we do and learn something, that way to understand the next step to take.



We don’t sell data list, you can buy data and not know what it means.

We generate sales from leads the old fashioned way; understanding your sales plan we find the most suitable way to generate interest and leads. A way that fits you and your budget or no budget at all!

Needs a Sales Boost or test the sales concept?

We will even make the sales calls, proving what we do works.


Branding is not about a new logo, it’s about rethinking your whole business outlook. Is everyone within your business on the same page?

We like to think with fresh ideas. We want you to offer something no one else does.

We will help you redefine your USP and break the mould so you stand out amongst the rest for all the good reasons.



We like uncomplicated design. The most simple designs often give the most impact.

With a background in graphics for print & web, fashion, illustration, textiles, licensing and branding and experienced on a wide range of design packages.


We never over design but aim to over deliver.



We are currently in a Social Media revolution and as a business its not something you can pass by. We like to use Social media to show you are human, give customers and clients an insight into your personality (without the personal family updates). We use good value content to communicate.

We target your core customers and those you are looking to attract and will devise a plan with specifically you in mind.

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