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Anaesthesia Made to Measure

Narcotrend UK Distributor Contact Information:

Gwenagen Ltd  30-38 Dock St Suite 24 Leeds LS10 1JF 

Contact: Gwen Merkelbach

T: 0113 887 4171 

M: 07812 080 496


or contact our Partner Distributor PharmedUK 

Assessing the depth of hypnosis during TIVA and inhaled anaesthesia

Narcotrend - Depth of Hypnosis (Anaesthesia) Monitor

now also in the United Kingdom and Ireland via our Partner Distributor  Pharmed

Points to highlight  about the latest version (new software version and hardware upgrade of the amplifier) that may interest you:

  • Age-related algorithm (validated for all ages incl Neonates)

  • OR version and special ICU version

  • Many different trends displayed incl Density Spectral array

  • Flexible electrode placement

  • Low cost per patient with standard available electrodes

  • Index shows no correlation with EMG during anaesthesia phases (Panousis 2007) so more resilient to EMG than BIS

  • Faster integration time (validated for Xenon)

  • 2 hour battery life and lightweight make mobile use easy

  • Records 4000 hrs of all data

  • Continuous development of algorithms and applications


This method (Narcotrend®) allows for adjusting the dosages of anaesthetics to the patients' age, gender and general physical condition. The Narcotrend (MonitorTechnik, Bad Bramstedt, Germany) is an EEG monitor designed to measure the depth of Hypnosis.

It has been developed at the University Medical School of Hannover, Germany, has been commercially available for over 15 years and has meanwhile received US Food and Drug Administration approval and is included in the NICE guidelines.


The Narcotrend algorithm is based on pattern recognition of the raw electroencephalogram (EEG) and classifies the EEG traces into different stages from A (awake) to F (increasing burst suppression down to electrical silence).

The raw EEG signal can be recorded by standard electrocardiogram electrodes for single- and double-channel registration.

The Narcotrend monitor provides a vast amount of information: the actual Narcotrend stage and index, the trend ('cerebrogram'), the raw EEG signal and a power spectrum and several derived EEG parameters. 


We have the very latest version monitor available for evaluations and demonstrations and welcome a call or email.

Multi center analysis 4630 patients

Propofol dosage during Steady State of anaesthesia

(range and median)

  • Huge individual deviation of Propofol demand

  • Median dose clearly lower than recommendations of the expertise literature

For more information please contact us direct  or  visit


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